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Mommy and Me Tulle Skirts + 10 Things Only A Working At Home Mom Can Understand

October 23, 2016

When my husband and I were preparing for the arrival of our baby, we very carefully planned out the first year. We both knew that since I was a teacher, it made more sense for me to stay home and care for the baby myself since my salary almost matched the amount we'd pay in daycare fees. I also knew that I wanted to care for my child myself. I completely understand that not all mamas feel this way, and sometimes I completely understand why, haha. Here's my experience in going from a young professional to a stay-at-home mom, to a working-from-home mama all within a span of eight months.

Note: Please understand that this is not me complaining as I am very thankful for the position that I'm currently in as a working from home mom. I am simply sharing my struggles as well as the things I am thankful for. Thanks for your understanding as this is truly just my experience. 
About six months after I had G I realized that the one year that we planned on me staying home wasn't enough, and my husband started to feel the same way. I decided to take my blogging hobby and turn it into an income. While it isn't a steady income by any means, it's become something that's helped pay my student loans, allow us to visit friends and family, and afford extra things that the baby needs. But this comes at a high price. For the first few months of her life I relished the quiet moments that she would nap and I could sip my coffee and read a book or catch up on Netflix. (I totally watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood in like two months.)

Now my days are a bit different. People kept telling me that time would start flying by now that I had my first baby, and now I completely understand what they mean. The days seem so short and they are a complete whirlwind. I try my hardest to cherish each moment I have with G but the truth is... it's really hard to do when I'm trying to make an income at the same time.

I also feel like the WAHM scene is so giant now compared to when I was a child. The rise of the Internet and all the companies that only operate online and through the phone has completely changed the opportunities that are available to women. There is also a huge surplus in companies like LuLaRoe, Lipsense, and Plexus, to name a few. Again, this is great for those of us that want to stay home with our babies and earn an income, but it's definitely a struggle. Here are ten things I feel only a working at home mom can understand.
1. You get to have meals with your baby.
I love getting to eat breakfast and lunch with G! I know that many moms and dads aren't able to, so I try to cherish each meal we have together. I am also able to make hot breakfasts like peanut butter banana zoats (zucchini oats) and blueberry spelt muffins!

2. You can continue to breastfeed (if you desire to) and don't really have to pump.
This one right here is the biggest for me. I am SO thankful that I get to breastfeed G still without pumping. Plenty of mamas that work outside of the home are able to breastfeed and pump which is seriously admirable since I've never been a fan of pumping. I would do it if I had to, but I just don't like to do it. I used to worry about building a good stash of breastmilk stored away but G doesn't/hasn't ever taken a bottle so it was sort of pointless ha! November 6th will mark 18 months of exclusively breastfeeding and it's something I'm very proud of as I worked super hard to attain that relationship.

3. You get to be with your baby all day.
I've heard moms say that they enjoy working because it gives them a break from mom life and they are able to have adult conversations with co-workers, etc.. While I completely understand their way of thinking, for me personally it's never been a struggle. For the most part, I don't feel disconnected to the world in that way, so I am glad to stay with G all day long, and certainly don't tire of her company. (Again, no shame to those that do have a tough time being home all day - I completely understand that it isn't for everyone!)

4. You can "take a day off" whenever you need to.
If I want to go to a chiropractor appointment or eye exam, I don't need to necessarily "ask off" for those because I make my own schedule which is super nice. I also plan around our mommy and me classes that we take.

5. You make your own schedule.
This is sort of the same as number 4, and can be a blessing and a curse. I like that I can start my day at 11 a.m. if G needed me more that particular morning. I generally only work during nap and bedtime so that I don't have to be on my computer or phone much when G is awake. That doesn't mean I'm interacting with her 24/7 because I like to encourage her to play independently as often as possible, but I do like to make sure I'm supervising her fully when she's awake since she is still so young. I do have friends that work from home and have nannies and babysitters come during a scheduled time and I can definitely understand how great of a resource that could be!
6. You can't really communicate.
It can literally take DAYS to answer a text message from my loved ones, and I feel like a horrible person for letting it sit unanswered, but I've barely had time to eat or use the restroom, there's no way I'll have time to sit and type out a text. I feel horrible and I actually have several texts waiting to be answered right now. I'll get to those later this week, I suppose. The guilt is real...

7. You don't sleep.
This is a big one and something I didn't expect. I guess it's sort of my fault since I refuse to work while G is awake but my lack of sleep isn't attributed to G. She sleeps great! I just stay up working because it's the only large chunk of time I can get things done. I generally spend anywhere from 4-5 hours after bedtime working.

8. You are constantly making choices.
Should I eat lunch or should I send an email or fill out my accounting excel sheet? Should I use the restroom or make some coffee. All day there are choices to be made about what will get done and what won't. The struggle is majorly real.

9. You feel horrible when you can't give your baby your full attention.
This is for all the mamas who do have to work during the hours of 9 and 5. I know there are a ton of you and you are just hustling so you can stay with you babies but still make that paycheck. I know what that feels like - I've tried it and it makes me feel awful. You are still amazing though. Know that much.

10. You never really stop working, and if you do - the guilt creeps in.
I guess I could stop doing my work, but that would mean less income, haha. I do wish I could take more of those quiet moments during G's nap and bedtime for myself. I would love to snuggle up with a book and some green tea, or do some relaxing and de-stressing yoga exercises. But for now... I work instead.
I honestly never saw myself as a working-from-home mom and I don't think I'll do it forever. I miss teaching a lot but for now this works and I try to enjoy each moment that I do get to see my baby and spend with her. Until then, to my friends and family: I'm so sorry for the texts that go unanswered, the emails that sit for days, the phone calls I haven't made and for my general lack of interest. It isn't because I don't love you or need you. It's because my life is busy. Way busier than I ever imagined it would be. The days and weeks fly by, and I do understand that I'm fortunate to be so busy, but please, understand when I say, it isn't you. It's me.
My outfit: Pitaya romper (worn as top) | Bliss Tulle 'Ashley' skirt c/o 

Grace's outfit: Carters romper (worn as top) | Carter's skirt c/o 

*Photos thanks to Brittany LeSueur

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Fall Dresses + A Link Up

October 19, 2016

This is one of my favorite Fall dresses for several reasons! I love that it's a wrap dress, and I'm a total mustard lover! Seriously mustard yellow and wine for Fall is a dream! I will layer this with a denim jacket or utility vest later when it gets cooler out, but for now I just styled this Pitaya dress with my cognac booties and a Game of Thrones Khaleesi braid! 

What's your favorite type of Fall dress? Do you prefer sleeves? Maxi dress? Make sure to check out all of the lovely ladies and bloggers that link up below!
Outfit Details: Pitaya dress c/o | Similar booties | Similar choker necklace | Daniel Wellington Watch c/o


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Four Free Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids + Buddha Pants

October 17, 2016

*Thanks to Buddha Pants for sponsoring today's post!
I'm pretty excited to be sharing this post. As a stay at home mama, I've had to be pretty resourceful when it comes to free things to do. Now that Summer is in the past and Autumn is in full swing, we are spending a ton of time outdoors again. I just feel better when I get outside and breathe fresh air. Here are five things that I do almost weekly to get out of the house with my (almost) toddler.

Also keep reading below for a review of these amazing mommy and me matching pants that G and I are wearing for these photos. I am actually wearing them right now and never want to take them off!

1. Feed the ducks some oats at a local pond.
This is our go-to activity right now, mostly because it's two-fold. First I babywear while I take G on a walk around the pond. She is super into all things nature, so we talk about our surroundings. I've noticed kids can get bored with constant silence, so I try to talk about the mundane things I see that are actually really exciting for her. haha.
2. Check your local town calendar for movie nights, toddler craft days, etc.
This is such a big one, I feel like - I never knew things like this existed before becoming a mom. My mama friends and I are always scouring our town's calendars for activities. We've done Movies in the Park where they show a movie one afternoon or evening on a big screen in the grass! There are also free craft activity days too, so check your town's calendar, and maybe even the ones surrounding you. If you live in a giant city you are bound to have tons of free options!
3. Play with your kids at a local park/playground.
Okay, I know what you're thinking... "Wow, a park, what an innovative idea" but honestly this one is underrated. I feel like we all spend time at parks, but have you ever played the "lava monster" game with your five year old? It will make you feel like a child again, in a good way. All of your worries will melt off. My kindergarten teacher side is coming out a bit, but when I used to teach my students would beg me to play with them. When I finally would give in, it would seriously make them so happy to see me running around the playground playing 'tag' or 'freeze monster' because it made me more relatable and likable.

You don't have to do it all the time, but it's honestly the best feeling and you'll be surprised how good you feel if you do try it out.

Tip: Bring special toys that are only "park toys" to the park.
If you are a parent you've probably already figured this one out, but rotation is sacred. Keeping the same toys in the living room, playroom, car, or using the same ones at the park can be a curse! It's important to keep a rotation going so that you keep your kiddos guessing! If you always play with a ball or scooter at the park, eventually your kids will get bored with them. Try to switch up your supplies each time you go and it will make for a better experience! 
4. Have a picnic outside and bring books to have a special readathon.
This one is big if you have kids that love reading like little G. I do have to keep her books in a rotation but she is a total book lover. I plan whole outings based on books! Bring a special "book blanket" and some snacks with a bag full of books and you have a good hour of entertainment! (I keep snacks close by to entice G to stay on the blanket since she is fully mobile and all over the place now.)
*She is blowing kisses in these photos haha!
My Outfit: Buddha Pants c/o | Hat || G's Outfit: Buddha Pants c/o

G and I are wearing our matching Buddha Pants in these photos! I wear them to do yoga in the mornings and evenings (I'm such a beginner, but learning more every day) but I also wear them out! These harem pants are SO comfortable, stylish and why on earth would I turn down a chance to match with my little one?! I wore them sort of folded up, but you can also pull them down for a different look. They are 100% cotton and come in several colors and patterns!

Honestly, chasing around my little toddler is hard enough - I need to be comfortable while doing so! I love that these pants are super easy to take along with you too! They actually fold into the pocket and it turns into a little bag to hold them! I am going to get a pair to put in my diaper bag since they are so easy to store. You can never have too many back up outfits with kids, right?

Where would you wear your Buddha Pants? Be sure to check out their site here:, and use this code for 20% off if you decide to get some for yourself: LivingInColor

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Easy Fall Outfit + A Link Up

October 12, 2016

I know - you're probably sick of seeing me wear these booties, and this color, but it's Fall! I just want to wear all of the black and burgundy things! I found these jeans at Nordstrom recently and I'm super into them. They are ginormous so I'm wearing a size 24. I had to size down like 2 sizes, but once I got that fixed, I fell completely in love with them! They have the perfect amount of stretch.

Pair some fabulous (and amazingly priced) denim with a layering tank and a duster cardigan, and you've got a super easy Fall look! Of course no Autumn-inspired ensemble is complete without booties and a felt hat. What's your favorite outfit to wear in the Fall?
Outfit Details: Fitted Tank | Duster cardigan | Articles of Society Loma Vista jeans (these run big) | Similar hatCents of Style booties c/o | Taudrey necklace c/o


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Five Quick Stock Snacks For Busy Moms

October 10, 2016

*Thanks to Sprouts and Acorn Influence for inspiring and sponsoring todays post.
Ah, yes, it's 9:15 a.m. and you were supposed to be somewhere fifteen minutes ago. This post is dedicated to those of us who strive to be planners and usually end up somewhere in survival mode even at the beginning of the week. Here are a few snacks you can stock up on and bring with you each day so you don't starve amidst the busy! 
I love snacking on baked goods and other fresh foods, but sometimes life busy days call for quick and easy alternatives. All of these picks are easy to stock up on, vegan-friendly, and minimally processed. I usually shop for groceries at Sprouts Farmers Market, so when I'm doing my weekly meal planning and list-making, I be sure to add one or all of these to my grocery list if I run out!
1. Freeze dried fruit
Freeze dried fruit is so easy to pack and doesn't spoil. They're like chips except way better for you than chips are. I love freeze-dried mango, banana, and blueberry!

2. Granola
Granola is an easy, filling snack. Love the ones by Cascadian Farms! I prefer to eat my granola with something like a coconut yogurt or even some almond milk, but remember, it's a busy day - no one has time for almond milk!

3. Soft, chewy fruit bites
So if you aren't into freeze-dried fruit, the Annie's Organic Orchard strawberry fruit bites are a great alternative. They have amazing ingredients and they're vegan.

4. A frozen fruit smoothie
When I have an inkling of extra time in the morning, I quickly throw some frozen fruit into my bullet blender with a splash of filtered water, ice cubes and maybe some chia seeds and call it a meal! G loves smoothies too so I can share this with her.

5. Larabars
Ahhhh, the Larabar. It's seriously one of my favorite snacks. I love that they are vegan, have recognizable ingredients, and are non-GMO. Things that are all very important to me especially when I eat processed food. They are so convenient, so I typically keep 1-2 in my diaper bag at all times if I'm ever in a bind. 

If you've never been to a Sprouts, you definitely need to go if there's one near you! They have tons of fresh produce that is super wallet-friendly. They carry amazing brands like Muir Glen, Larabar, and Annie's too. Right now you can save 35% on the "Better For You Brand Sale" October 12-October  like I did just recently on all General Mills products.

What are your favorite quick stock mom snacks for busy days?

xo. L

Babywearing | Beginners Guide To Using A Ring Sling

October 07, 2016

October 5-11 is International Babywearing Week. A time to celebrate and advocate for babywearing and all of it's wonder. I've already professed my major love for babywearing, so no need to do that again. But if you're anything like I was as a new mom, you don't know A THING about ring slings or woven wraps or soft structured carriers. My hope is that this babywearing series on my blog can help demystify what these things are and teach you how you can use them. I've already said this before but babywearing has made me a better mom, hands down.
If I had a penny for every time I heard a mom say "I'm too scared to try ring slings, I'm afraid baby is going to fall out of the bottom!" I would be soooo rich, you guys. The truth is - ring slings are so majorly safe. I'm super excited to write about all things ring slings in this post, so read on!

Here's a list of commonly asked questions I get about ring slings and my answers!

What is a ring sling?
A ring sling is a piece of woven wrap cut to a specific length (depending on size) and sewn at the shoulder with rings to create a convenient "ring sling" to use to wear a baby.

How does it work?
So chances are when you receive your sling it will be unthreaded, meaning hte rings will be up top and the end of the sling will hang freely. The first thing you need to do is thread the rings. See this video that helped me when I was learning how to thread.

After your sling is threaded, you are now ready to experiment with how to use it. Basically the rings do hold the wrap in a way that your baby can't fall out. Because of the specific way you create a seat, wrap around your baby and then tighten carefully. Read on for tips on using a ring sling!

Who needs a ring sling?
Anyone who wants to wear a newborn often (these are the easiest to use with newborns, in my opinion). Also, anyone who wants to run a quick errand, or someone who has a baby or toddler that need to be carried/worn in a hip carry. See, I look at it this way...You have to carry your baby or child on your hip anyway, right? Why not have a nice and supportive piece of fabric to help you do it?

Is a ring sling the only carrier I need for my baby?
Yes and no. If you have a newborn or super light baby, then yes, all you need is a ring sling. At around six months I started wearing G in her soft structured carriers too since they help distribute weight a bit better for older babies. But I still use my ring slings too - just for different reasons! I use three types of carriers daily. A ring sling, woven wrap, and soft structured carrier. They each have different functions and you can read more about that in this post here. But we'll stick to ring slings since that's the focus of this post!

How old does baby have to be to be worn in a ring sling?
Each sling has it's own weight limit depending on the fabric and the age of the child. Generally, 35 pounds is a good maximum baseline. You can generally wear a newborn in a ring sling right away (assuming there are no medical problems - be sure to consult a medical professional before officially wearing your newborn in a sling - just to be safe.) I wear my 17-month-old in a ring sling daily and still feel very comfortable with her in it. She love it so much.

How do I get one?
There are buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook, or you can easily buy one on That is my favorite place to buy ring slings, which brings me to my next question. 

What are your favorite ring slings, Larissa?
I have owned quite a few ring slings in several different types of material. Baby Tula tencel blend ring slings are my favorite fabric/types because of their cute prints and their special tencel material they use. Of the four that currently live here now, three of them are Tula. The other is a Pavo converted ring sling converted by a seamstress (she sewed on the rings of the piece of woven wrap I sent her) because I wanted that to be a custom! I love it so much. I've also heard good things about Sakura Bloom but have never felt the need to try them because I'm so content with my Tula wovens.

Which fabric is best for a ring sling?
I would say tencel like I mentioned above, 100% cotton, or bamboo are my recommended fabrics. I do NOT recommend silk or linen as those materials are very tough to work with, especially for beginners. Linen tends to feel stiff and not cozy at all, and silk just seems too slippery or dangerous for a ring sling (again, just my opinion - for beginners).

How do I know what size I need?
Here's the thing - when I bought my first sling I had people tell me to get a S/M (small/medium) because that's what t-shirt size I wear, but I prefer a L/XL (large/extra-large) aka, LOOOOONG tails! 

I love the long tails because they serve three purposes: the first is beautiful flowy fabric, the second is a makeshift nursing cover, and the third is extra support at neck or bum or another layer of warmth for baby! It's a win-win with longer tails, but honestly it's a personal preference thing!

My size guide in the image below is for Tula Baby Carriers sizes. For ring slings that are converted from small pieces of woven wrap, just look at the inches and then refer back to this guide. My Pavo ring sling (the lace looking one in the last photo of this post) is a bit shorter, measuring around 79-80 inches. I would love it more if it were longer, but it'd be great for a newborn. 

S/M - 77 inches
L/XL - 87 inches

1. Create a deep seat.
This. This is why ring slings aren't dangerous and why I think it's so silly when people worry that "baby might fall out" haha. It's virtually impossible if the ring sling is positioned and worn correctly!

Check out the photos of G in her ring slings. The bottom "rail" (that's the edge of the fabric) is pulled all the way up to her belly button and underneath her bum, and she's supported knee to knee that way! You can't see it, but she's super safe and comfy in there.

2. Make sure positioning is correct.
The graphic below shows optimal comfort and tips for using ring slings, but it's important that baby's knees and bum form an 'M' shape, meaning bum is lower than knees. This helps with a good seat, and also ensures comfort for mom and baby!

3. Wear your baby opposite of your "good side" and make sure there are no twists in fabric on your back.
So, this is a tough one, and may actually be personal preference. I say wear baby on opposite of your good size, because that's how you can have full motion in your good arm (the one you use most). However, I am right-handed and wear my baby on my right side, meaning the rings are on my left shoulder. It's another personal preference thing, so try both ways and see what's most comfortable for you. Remember, just because you aren't being worn doesn't mean you shouldn't be comfy too.

The fabric that goes across your back should be flat and snug on your back so that it doesn't mess with the seat or the fabric that's threaded through the rings.

For a comprehensive list of tips and FAQ's visit Tula's ring sling resource page:

Bonus tip: Be patient and take your time with learning. You WILL get frustrated, but I can also promise that with practice and determination, you will get good at it. And although there is a bit of a learning curve, you'll be doing it all on your own in a matter of seconds! Be confident! Watch YouTube videos. Tula offers amazing instructional resources on how to use your ring slings.

Be sure to check out my other babywearing posts. Happy babywearing!

xo. L
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